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Heya everybody Empty Heya everybody

Post  Impmon on Wed 5 Feb 2014 - 12:44

I found the forum earlier and am glad it still has some activity. I'm a male Impmon, who ranges from a smug brat to downright mean. At least by default, and really I'm up for playing most anything. Neemon, Demidevimon, Rookie Lucemon, and Guilmon are a few other favorites to play, but I'm open to most. My tickle-er/ee-ness is kind of complicated.

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Heya everybody Empty Re: Heya everybody

Post  footmaster on Wed 5 Feb 2014 - 15:48

hello there ^^. willing to do an rp with me? as far as characters go I'm game for almost anyone my most used chars are usually agumon and gabumon


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