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Contest of improvisation Empty Contest of improvisation

Post  Guest on Sat 27 Dec 2008 - 14:08

Hello there.

The contest is simple: I will give a description out of random things which can be used for tickling and the task is to describe me how you would use the things to tie someone up for tickling.

1: At least three item need to be used somehow. The items which you used you best put above your description with bold letters like Stock, rope, pillory

2: The description should be unique. Best would be every poster at least try to use different things things as the other people used before. But it is ok to take already used stuff too.

3: Be creative and most descriptive as possible! Think in every dimension

4: You can use ONLY the items which got listed. Taking everything up which not get listed make your post invalid. Same with using something which is listed but not put in bold above your description even I will not being too harsh on that part. Decoration like feathers or brushes are free to use. Modification is allowed.

The best description get a free commissioned pic of his description and with a char of your choice in it.

And so, here are the list of items:

Stock (two holes, not fixed to the floor)
Pillory (three holes, not fixed to the floor)
glue (For glue people with, not parts)

Everyone has a empty room to work in. The Walls, the floor and the ceiling are all useable.

So, have fun! ^^


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Contest of improvisation Empty Re: Contest of improvisation

Post  Chameleon5 on Sat 3 Jan 2009 - 20:47

Well, seeing as no one else is trying their hand/paw at this, I'll give it a whirl Wink

Stocks, Pillory, Rope, & Pole/post

The basic design is rather simple, but with lovely results. The main device would be tied with rope to a strong pole or post and able to be adjusted in height depending on the type of creature being placed inside of it. The main device would consist of stocks for the feet and the pillory for the head and arms. Both of those would be tied to the pole on a singular set of ropes that allows for them to be connected to each other and have the victim spread out and fully accessible to be tickled anywhere without being able to protect themselves. In addition, because of the stocks and pillory being connected via the rope, it creates a sort of pulley system that causes movement on one end to move the other end, making struggling an action that ultimately always exposes at least one area completely. The device would be suspended in mid-air for the best results of this and could be lowered or raised depending on the tickler's preferences.
An additionally devilish idea would be to have the device hanging just low enough so that the victim is constantly brushing their belly over feathers or brushes on the floor, but that's not necessary for the device to work, just for added flavor. Wink

Hopefully the idea works for ya, Scout Smile

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Contest of improvisation Empty Re: Contest of improvisation

Post  Guest on Sat 3 Jan 2009 - 22:24

I not need to draw it in the end so I not care! ^^

Thanks for joining at least.

Contest closed!!!


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Contest of improvisation Empty Re: Contest of improvisation

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