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Rainy Day (Story)

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Rainy Day (Story) Empty Rainy Day (Story)

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Rainy Day
(Part 1)

Story written by Scoutter2000
Translated into English by Seraphon

It was raining heavily in the Digital World. Tailmon ran through the rain. She tried to protect herself from the rain with her claw-gloves, but it wasn’t much use.

“I hate the water. Why does it have to rain today like it’s being poured from buckets?“

It could be seen why Tailmon was in a bad mood. It was probably because she was a cat. Cats don’t like water. Tailmon looked in vain for a shelter. Around her were only trees, but nothing else she could stand under. She continued to run. Suddenly she heard a voice.

“Come here, Tailmon. You’ll be safe from the rain.“

Tailmon looked around, but saw nobody. She heard a rustle, and saw a Hawkmon flying just over her. He held his wing protectively over Tailmon.

“Come along. I do not like this weather also. It’s not good for my plumage.“

Tailmon followed the Hawkmon to a cave. Both went in and sat down. Tailmon shook herself, the water splashing onto the Hawkmon.

"That's better. I'm happier now that I am drying."

When Tailmon was finished, she groomed herself, smoothing out her fur over her skin. Tailmon was only noticing it now, but she had become very cold. While she had been running, she hadn’t noticed it. She shivered.

“Are you cold?“ Hawkmon asked. „You could always sit much closer to me.“

Tailmon hesitated, but then she moved closer to Hawkmon. He wrapped his wing around Tailmon. Although to Tailmon, the wing seemed to only consist of feathers, they were very warm. Tailmon enjoyed the warmth, and Hawkmon wrapped his wing around Tailmon more closely.
Tailmon had to laugh. Hawkmon had brushed one of his feathers against her side. Hawkmon grinned. Now intentionally, he stroked her other side with his other wing. Tailmon laughed again.

“Haha! T..that tickles!”

“Oh really?”

Hawkmon worked away at one of her sides with even more of his feathers. Tailmon tried to turn away, but Hawkmon held her with his other wing. He soon started to work on both sides. Tailmon laughed louder still.

“Hahaha!! No more, Hawkmon!”

But, Hawkmon was enjoying this too much to stop. He found it funny. Next, he took the feather from his headband, and ran it down Tailmon’s left foot. She wanted to pull her leg away from him, but Hawkmon was tickling it too much. He stroked the feather from her heel to her toes, and also brushed it between the toes. Tailmon was starting to get tired from her laughter. She was already exhausted from being out in the rain. She laughed again, even louder, but could take no more. She passed out.
Hawkmon stopped, but stayed close to her. He wanted to let her have a peaceful night’s sleep now. Hawkmon whispered quietly in Tailmon’s ear.

“Happy anniversary, Tailmon. It is now one year ago from when we met…”

Rainy Day
(Part II)

Story written by Scoutter2000
Translated into English by Seraphon

It was still raining in the Digital World. Hawkmon slept deeply and soundly. Tailmon was sleeping comfortably, due to the warmth of Hawkmon’s wings. She had leaned her head against Hawkmon. She woke up. She knew where she was, and it was a place she had been before. She had fallen asleep with Hawkmon. Nevertheless, she wanted to be somewhere else.

Gently, she tried to prise the wing off her. Hawkmon murmered something, and pulled the wing more closely around Tailmon. However, she was able to slide under the wing. Hawkmon drew his wing close to his body, and continued to sleep calmly. Tailmon was free. She looked out from the entrance. It still rained ceaselessly. Briefly, she looked back to Hawkmon. He lay there so peacefully. Tailmon ran from the cave.

She continued to run in the same direction she had been heading in, before she met Hawkmon. In a short time, she was once again soaking wet. She didn’t even try to protect herself from the rain. She came to the end of the forest.

Before her was an enormous plain, that lay perfectly flat and even. She ran across the plain, she knew the right way for her to go. The rain didn’t stop, no, it seemed to get even more violent. The rain lashed against Tailmon, hitting her face. She felt like she was about to freeze to death. But then she saw her goal. There, a tree stood, but it wasn’t just any tree. It had a glowing radiance, which was hard to describe. It shone a golden colour in the obscured sunlight. Even the very top glowed, despite the weak sunlight. She approached it, and came to a place she had been before. She tried to remember….

…It was when she had been still young. It was just after she had evolved to Tailmon. It was there she saw him. He approached, and tried to grab Tailmon. He was scary. Suddenly, she felt an ice-cold grip on her leg. Ice spread across her body. She quickly lost consciousness. She woke up in another area, lying on the ground. She could see candles. She wanted to move, but couldn’t. No chains or anything else held her. She struggled, but made no progress. She remained there, like a sandbag sprawled on a stone. Someone appeared high above her. She could recognise him now. It was VamDemon.

“A new toy! How nice. I will test it myself.“ VamDemon put Tailmon on a table. She still couldn’t move. VamDemon trailed his fingertips over Tailmon’s skin. She had to smile. She was still young, her skin was much softer than it is today. (It’s like that today due to the rain and being bathed by Hikari ^_^).

VamDemon stroked down both sides of Tailmon. Her sides were extremely sensitive. She couldn’t stop herself from laughing. VamDemon continued to work over her ribs, to her belly and navel. There he remained for a few seconds, before moving back up. He stayed at a certain place for longer, if Tailmon laughed particularly loud. As Tailmon continued to laugh even louder, VamDemon gave an evil grin.

“HAHAHAHA....Not there! No more!!....HAHAHAHA“ Tailmon squealed. Tears were already running down her cheeks. Soon VamDemon went round to her feet, here he stopped momentarily. Tailmon tried to get her breathing back to normal. She gulped at air. She had never experienced anything like this before. She’d never heard of anybody being kidnapped and tickled. She had heard that Digimon had been kidnapped and tortured cruelly. She had even heard that some of those digimon had been unable to speak after being tortured.

VamDemon returned. He was holding a feather and a brush in his hands. The brush was wide. VamDemon tied both of her feet together so the soles formed a flat surface. Now he stroked the broad brush down the soles, from the heels to the toes and back. All Tailmon could do was laugh. She didn’t want to laugh, but the feeling was too intense. VamDemon let go of the brush, but it continued moving independantly. VamDemon now used the feather, drawing a circle inside her navel. The feather continued to move on it’s own, like the brush. VamDemon enjoyed Tailmon’s laughter. He produced two more feathers, he stroked these down her sides, under her arms and over her ribs. Tailmon’s face was wet with tears. Her laughter was now at it’s loudest, but she was finding it hard to breathe. Her lungs hurt, and her heart raced. VamDemon made a motion with his hand, and everything stopped. Tailmon continued to laugh for a few more seconds. As she lay, catching her breath, she suddenly fell unconscious.
VamDemon fastened a golden ring on the end of Tailmon’s tail.

“You are now my slave.“

Rainy Day
(Part III)
(Warning! Contains a graphically bloody scene)

Story written by Scoutter2000
Translated into English by Seraphon

Tailmon awoke from her reminiscing. During her thoughts, she had dropped to her knees. It was because of this that she regained consciousness. She had been soaked by the rain, which was still pouring.

“I was dreaming! It was only a dream.“

She stood again. Looking around, she saw nobody. She sat down in the same place she had been in her memories. Everything had seemed so real. She leaned against the tree, closing her eyes. She dreamt about Hikari, remembering their first meeting.
Hikari was sat on the sofa, watching the television. She didn’t notice Tailmon Tailmon behind Hikari, sneaking up on her. She readied herself, ready to kill Hikari, the Chosen Child. She drew her claws back. But something happened now, that didn’t really happen. Tailmon jumped onto Hikari, biting her neck, scratching there also. Hikari gave a little cry, but there was no one else at home to hear her. She let the remote control fall. Some of the blood dripped onto the carpet. Tailmon licked the blood from around her mouth, and jumped up to the window. She turned briefly. She had done it. The Chosen Child was dead. Tailmon jumped outside.

Tailmon awoke from this dream. She jumped up, and continued to run in her original direction. She ran through the lashing rain. The raindrops actually hurt her skin, each drop stung like a small needle. Ignoring this, she continued to run. She thought to herself.

“Please, don’t let that dream be true. I don’t want to have done that. It couldn’t be.“

Tailmon came to a house. It had been built after the evil had been defeated. The door was never locked, since there was no reason to do so. It was dark inside the house. Tailmon looked around in the rooms but she didn’t see anybody. Then she came into the kitchen. There, someone lay, it was a human.

“Please, don’t let it be….oh Gods, don’t let it be!“ Tailmon though, panicking. She ran over to the humans. She recognised Hikari, and shook her. “Hikari! Wake up! Please, Hikari, wake up!“ Hikari did not react. Tailmon started to shake slightly, she sat down on the cold ground. She began to cry. „I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there to protect her.“

Suddenly Taimon heard a noise, most likely made by someone opening the front door. Tailmon stood and hid herself against a wall. Her instinct was telling her to get ready for a fight. She held herself ready to attack the intruder, who was approaching. It was heading towards the kitchen. It came in, and Tailmon attacked. She threw it against a cabinet, and held it with her left hand. Taimon was about to strike it with her claws…

“Stop!!!“…her claws stopped in mid-flight. She was now looking at the intruder’s face. It was Hawkmon. Her claw had stopped just centimetres away from his neck. She let him go, apologising.
“That wasn’t necessary! You nearly made me lose my head!“ Hawkmon said, angered, rubbing his neck. Tailmon fell to her knees and started crying again. Hawkmon’s anger dissipated, and he knelt down next to her.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t hurt me.“

Tailmon whimpered.

“I came too late. She’s dead.“

Hawkmon didn’t know who she was talking about.

“Who’s dead?“

Tailmon looked over, pointing to Hikari with a shaking hand. She didn’t speak, she just couldn’t. Hawkmon grinned when he say Hikari. He cuddled up to Tailmon once again.

“Hikari is not dead.“

Tailmon lashed out at Hawkmon. Hawkmon simply ducked to avoid the attack..

“Don’t you understand?! She IS dead!“

Hawkmon repeated his words, but Tailmon reacted even more angrily. She attacked Hawkmon again, though he managed to dodge all of her attacks. When Tailmon became enraged, she developed a strength far above that of a normal adult-level digimon. Hawkmon waited until Tailmon had struck a wall, her claws becoming stuck in it. Then he jumped on her, knocking her to the ground, on her stomach. Tailmon couldn’t move under Hawkmon’s weight. She started to cry once again.

“Are you finally going to listen to me now?“ asked Hawkmon, as Tailmon struggled to free herself. Tailmon listened, going still, lying where she was. Hawkmon continued. “I am going to let you go. Then you’ll listen to me. Whether you believe me or not, is your choice. Understood?“

Tailmon nodded, still crying. Hawkmon got up off her, and sat down next to her. Tailmon sat up also, opposite him, wiping the tears from her face. Hawkmon put the light on, and sat with her again, then began to explain.

“Miyako got me to follow you around. They were having a party last night. As usual, Daisuke made a bet with everyone. He bet he could drink the most. Hikari took part in the bet also, which would be lost when they them drank so much they collapsed. Let me just mention that it wasn’t alcohol they were drinking, it was lemonade. Hikari was in second place, but eventually gave up. They all wanted to go home, but because you weren’t there, Hikari didn’t want to go. I came to look for you. Miyako went home. Now we are here.“

Tailmon accepted the explanation. It was logical enough, Hikari was always trying to prove to the others that she was just as good as them. Tailmon cried no more. She crawled over to Hawkmon and leaned against him, exactly the same as she had done in the cave. Hawkmon leaned back, wanting to go to sleep, but he suddenly found himself grinning. Tailmon had got hold of her tail, and brushed the fluffy tail-tip down his body. Hawkmon tried to protect himself with a wing, but Tailmon had got him pinned against herself and the cabinet. Tailmon sat down on Hawkmon’s legs, stroking her fingers between his toes, as she stroked his belly with her tail-tip. Hawkmon was now laughing too hard to be able to get away, his laughter slowly began to drain his strength.

“HAHAHAHAHAH!!! That tickles!! HAHAHAHAH!!!“

Tailmon continued to brush her tail-tip over his belly, her fingers sweeping over his soles and between his toes. Tailmon had taken her claw-gloves off. The skin on her fingers was much softer and more ticklish than her gloves had been. Hawkmon struggled a bit as he laughed harder, tears rolling down his face. Tailmon laughed.

“This is my revenge for what you did in that cave.“
Hawkmon was soon weak from all the laughter. He’d never been tickled so intensively before. Tailmon knew exactly where he was ticklish. Hawkmon became tired and fell asleep. Tailmon let him sleep, she stood up and went over to Hikari. She curled up like a real cat, and went to sleep.

Rainy Day
(Part IV)

Gatomon was woken up rather rudely. Somebody had stepped to her on the tail. Gatomon squealed according to and the person likewise scared with a loud shout. It had been Gabumon to her on the tail had stepped. „ Pay attention gefälligst to it where you step up! “, Gatomon Gabumon screamed. She rubbed herself her tail. Gabumon was white before fright. He stuttered: „ Sorrry Ggattomon. Iiif wwas nno iintttention. “ Gatomon became quieter again. She yawned extensively and asked: „ Since when you are there? And have the others also come? “ Gabumon had color in the face again. He still answered a little bit trembling: „ We, matt, Yolei, T.K, Cody, Tai and Davis have come. I, Agumon, Veemon, Patamon, and Armadilomon of course also. As you have certainly noted, Hawkmon and Kari had stayed here. “ Gatomon a question occured yet: „ What do you do then, actually, here in the kitchen? “ Gabumon held up a pocket. „ Supplies put away in the fridge. Yesterday we have the whole fridge "empty-eaten", one must already say. If that does not damage you there were. You would have liked it guaranteed. And what has plastered Kari everything.... “ Gabumon seemed to stand shortly neber to itself. But he caught himself again and ran to the fridge. He put away the fridge without further comments. Gatomon was surprised. Gabumon read them simply thus in the middle of conversation stand. Gatomon went to Gabumon and tapped him. Gabumon put away the fridge without reaction ready and went without Gatomon even a look of appreciating along her after outdoor.

Gatomon ran Gabumon behind. She ran to outdoor, but Gabumon was not to be seen. She still went some steps farther after outdoor. She looked and then she saw suddenly nothing more. „ I am it only. “ Gatomon recognized the voice as those of Agumon. Gatomon asked: „ What do you do there? “ Agumon answered: „ I want to connect to you the eyes. I might show to you something. “ Gatomon read to itself the eyes connect. Agumon caught Gatomon the shoulders and gave her by light pressure the direction orders. Gatomon turned round and ran for the feeling to judge back in the house. There they turned to the left and then equally again on the right. Agumon warned Gatomon. „ Care. Step. “ Gatomon groped the way slowly forward and went up the stair. Gatomon the blind running was not lived. She groped lightly, but Agumon supported them from the back. When they were on top, they turned again on the left and then they stopped. Agumon took the blindfold again and from Gatomon Gatomon opened her eyes again.

„ Congratulations at the anniversary, Gatomon! “, shouted Kari. Gatomon had not noted at all which it there was not as them of Gabumon so rudely was woken up. Gatomon saw on the big cake on the ground stood. There all names stood on it. Every name became seemingly from itself daraufgeschrieben. One recognized this by the fact which did the font and size many jumps. The names of the Digimon were almost not readably. If is no miracle, they have never written before something. However, on the cake one more place was free. She lay right in the middle of the cake. Agumon pressed Gatomon farther to the cake and sat down. Gatomon also sat down. „ And now you must correspond only on the cake, then the party can begin. “, if Tai and Davis said almost at the same moment. Tai gave the sugar syringe in the hand to Gatomon. Gatomon tried to write her name. When she was ready, the other marvelled. She had written her name without write error. Indeed a little bit krakelig, but, still, better readably than other Digimonnamen. Gatomon was contented. Kari asked: „ May I cut now the cake? “ All others shouted in the choir just like Gatomon: „ Well clearly. Guts in! “

This Kari cannot be said twice. She divided the cake into identical pieces and Gatomon the first piece agreed. Gatomon ate the cake voluptuous. She ate so much like she only could. After 5 pieces Gatomon tipped over. „ Oh man, I am full. “ There she was not they or the only one. The dessert plate was empty and all were full. All still remained lying a little. They lay all full with collision on the ground. T.K stood up and said: „ Because we are all together, we can play now something. “ The others pulled themselves together and matt asked: „ Of what have you thought then, small brother? To the catch play we are probably too stuffed. “ T.K answered: „ For this play we need only one bottle. “ T.K writhed the Digimon to and asked: „ Nevertheless, you know the play to bottle tricks or how does one still say action or truth? “ All Digimon looked at T.K astonished. „ What is to the bottle tricks? “ asked Gatomon.

T.K fast explained like it goes. „ A bottle is turned on the ground and on that or that the lid points, it is asked on account of him rather action or truth wants to do. With action we hop from the opposite player an action spoken, as well as, e.g., a round on a leg by the space or thus things. But no things to the intimate go like themselves depart or depart. But if all agree with it, it is to be demanded permissible a kiss on the cheek as an action. With truth the affected person is asked a little bit and he must answer wahrheitsgemäß, even if it should be embarrassing for one. With the questions no borders are put. The good one at the fact is which one can take revenge with some luck in Towards with a counter question if he reaches. “ The Digimon had understood all rules. They also agreed all with the kiss.

T.K got a bottle and caught them in to turn. The bottle stopped with him. „ Such a bad luck, however, also. Action. “, sighed T.K unmissable. Towards from T.K there sat Cody. This ordered: „ Cluck like a chicken. “ T.K clucked like a chicken. The Digimon laughed. Cody turned the bottle farther. This remained lying sometimes they with Veemon. Now "truth" Gatomon might put a question, but which? Gatomon considered and then she simply asked: „ How do you find Davis as a partner? “ Veemon answered: „ If one refrains sometimes of the fact which he sometimes gives quite nicely, he is o.k. “ Davis bumped with his elbow Veemon in the side. „ I did not know at all which you hold me for a braggart? “ Veemon smiled and replied: „ However, it is true. You sometimes brag quite nicely. “ He rubbed himself the side, now started to hurt.

The bottle was turned once more. This time remained lying the bottle with Tai. "Action". Towards from Tai there sat Yolei. Yolei grins nasty. „ Geb Agumon a slap. “ Tai hit with the level hand against Agumons back of the head. Agumon fell down forwards. Agumon spoke something irritated: „ Do you must go equally so fast Tai strike? However, nevertheless, this goes also more gently. “ Tai meant composedly: „ You will already survive it. “ Yolei turned on the bottle again. Hawkmon was the next. "Truth". The play partner was Armadilomon. Armadilomon considered only very shortly. „ Do you like Yolei? “ Hawkmon was not certainly what he should answer. Was liking meant now in amicable or passionate kind? He answered: "Yes". Armadilomon could no more keep before laughter. „ HAWKMON LOVES YOLEI! HAWKMON LOVES YOLEI! “

Hawkmon got up and shouted: „ Is not was! This was an equivocal question! I thought that you with liking you on the friendship have covered! “ Cody scolded with Armadilomon. „ But Cody. “ „ Nobody, however! One should not do himself about the feelings other amusing. This is not nice. “ Armadilomon had stopped to laugh. „ Cody has surely. It had not been nice. “, thought Armadilomon. He asked: „ Hawkmon, acts to me sorry I on your feelings am rum-trampled. Can you forgive me? “ Hawkmon sat down again and said with decisive look: „ No. So I do not forgive one! “ Yolei found that now a little bit hard. „ If is not, nevertheless, thus Hawkmon. Nevertheless, it is only one play. “ Hawkmon still remained headstrong. „ If it goes for you afterwards better, ask me, nevertheless, to the balance something. “, meant Armadilomon. Hawkmon the thought liked. He get on it and asked: „ If you can solve this question, I forgive you. Can you say to me what is the chemical formula of water? “ Armadilomon considered shortly and then it bubbled out of him: „ Water has the chemical formula H2O. Two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule. “

Hawkmon was flat. He had not counted on an answer. „ Nicely. I forgive you. “ Armadilomon turned on the bottle again. This time remained lying the bottle on Gatomon. Veemon rubbed itself the hands. He hoped who would say Gatomon truth. Gatomon opened her mouth: "truth". Veemon did internally a sentence. Now he asked: „ Do you like me? “ Gatomon had to consider. „ Actually, Veemon is quite nice. Maybe a little bit sweetly. “ She answered: „ Yes. But only friendly. No more. “ Veemon was inspired on the one hand hellauf which has said Gatomon generally, on the other hand, however, also lightly is disappointing the base only amicable it has. Gatomon turned the bottle. She remained lying on Agumon. "Action". Patamon ordered: „ Do a headstand. “ Agumon got up and created place. He got swing and positioned himself on the head. There he did not remain long. He tipped forwards away and landed on his back. Agumon rubbed itself the back. The bottle farther turned. Yolei reached. "Truth". Tai asked: „ How do you get on with other Digirittern? With it I believe Davis, Cody and her Digimon. “ Yolei answered fixed: „ Davis is a braggart, but nobody is perfect. Cody is nice. Armadilomon is according to my opinion a little bit fat. Veemon would be too warlike to me as a partner. “

T.K unexpectedly got up and stretches itself. „ Do you also not find which we Should move a little? “ The other agreed. Some movement could not damage. Especially because they were now again fitter. Now to you the cake no more lay so heavily in the stomach. The bottle had come just with Armadilomon. Hawkmon was still sour on Armadilomon. He has injured him in his pride. And Hawkmon laid a lot worth on his pride. All the same who even tried to injure him in his pride, did not get away so simply. Hawkmon wanted it Armadilomon heimzahlen. But not now. All went after outdoor. The rain, had stopped once again. At the last night it had also been dry when Hawkmon has come to Gatomon to the house.

When all were outdoor, T.K shouted: „ Now we play catch. The Digimon try to catch her partners. If these are caught, it differently walks around. And counts to Hawkmon and Patamon which may fly they only on eye level. One must be able to catch them. Thus LOT! “

The children ran away and her Digimonpartner tried to catch them. However, Hawkmon planned for something else. He pursued Armadilomon instead of Yolei. When Armadilomon was except puff, he gagged Armadilomon and bound him to the close tree. It wanted to call for help, however, it could not speak, because it was hindered by the cloth. Hawkmon went with his feathers about the belly of Armadilomon. His underside was not the only place where he was armoured. Armadilomon had to laugh, but it was damped by the cloth. Nobody in the surroundings could hear him laughing. Nobody could also see him, because the tree of hip-high grass surround was. Hawkmon removed the whole belly of Armadilomon with his feather. To him the tears already stood in the eyes. Hawkmon pushed to one of his feathers between the toes of Armadilomon. Armadilomon did every time a sentence, when he the feather again hineinschob. He still glided about the sole of Armadilomons to feet. He alternated with it. Twice between the toes, 4 times about the sole. Armadilomon became really wet before laughter. He could perform no more opposition. He laughed louder and louder. Hawkmon grinned diabolically. „ This is for the disgrace which has added you to me. YOU have disgraced of me before the other. “ Armadilomon cried before laughter. They ran his face down and he barely could do more breathings. Hawkmon stopped. Armadilomon reopened his eyes. He looked Hawkmon with his red-wept eyes. Hawkmons eyes had changed. They no more had the sky-blue color. They were reddish and burned formally with fury. Hawkmon took the cloth of Armadilomons mouth.

Armadilomon wanted to shout, but barely he had started Hawkmon had already mended the cloth back into his mouth. Hawkmon held the point before his beak and hissed: „ Pssst. Nevertheless, we do not want to steer the attention on ourselves. “ Hawkmon reached again for the cloth, but before he it pulled out he asked: „ I will remove the cloth again, but if you should try to call help again, I will continue immediately, understood. I want to hear only one sentence, then you are free again. “ Armadilomon noded. Hawkmon took the cloth from Armadilomons mouth. Armadilomon inhaled several time deeply. He enjoyed the fresh air in his lung. When he had air again, he said: „ Has my excuse not been enough to you a little bit? “ Hawkmon laughed. „. If it does not have. “ Armadilomon wanted to prevent which mends Hawkmon the cloth again into his mouth. He did not open his mouth neither to call for help, nor to breathe. He wanted to destroy every chance. Hawkmon kept closed both nostrils of Armadilomon and said: „ You cannot stop forever the air. I have time. “ Armadilomon shook the head around Hawkmons finger again from his nostrils to get rid of. But nothing helped.

And there he surely had. Armadilomon could not stop long the air. After some seconds Armadilomon snapped at air. This moment Hawkmon uses and mended the cloth again into Armadilomons mouth. He caught again in about Armadilomons feet to glide. Hawkmon was pitiless. He tickled every centimeter of Armadilomons to feet and toes. Armadilomon curled his toes down around less attack region to offer. But Hawkmons feather came itself to the smallest fissure. Armadilomon had the feeling which it was in the hell. Tormented by own friend. Engaged to a tree, only few meters removes the help. To escape no possibility. The torture became more and more intensive. Hawkmon had started to tickle in Armadilomons to legs the backs. When he had the backs of the legs by, Hawkmon with the feathers about his belly danced to his neck. There it tickled even more than, otherwise, somewhere. The neck was never claimed. Armadilomon lost slowly the mind. His heart fast hit, it rests even. Hawkmon did a break. Armadilomon felt it as a miracle, a holy moment of the rest. Hawkmon whispered left ear in Armadilomons: „ I will forgive you if you say equally I your will broken and you me as better call you. “
Hawkmon took the cloth from Armadilomons mouth and expected the releasing sentence. Armadilomon mobilized his last strength. It did not suit him to state what required Hawkmon. But rather he lies instead of being tormented farther. He said: „ You have broken my will. You are better than me. “ Hawkmon was contented and unbound Armadilomon. This fell down like one bag and remained lying. Hawkmon had got his blue eyes again. Before Hawkmon flew away, he whispered in Armadilomons right ear: „ If you tell somebody of this meeting, you will be able to go no minute more freely somewhere without having to have fear which I will torment you again, I promise this to you. “ Hawkmon took off with a flapping of wings and flew composedly to the children, as if nothing had happened. However, Armadilomon will never again be able to forget this experience.

Since this time Armadilomon was reserved in presence of Hawkmon with all. He did not want to pull once more the fury of Hawkmon on himself. He also never lost a word about this incident. He would take rather this secret with in the grave as it even to lose a word to Cody. He knew Cody. He would tell it to Yolei, Yolei would pull Hawkmon to the account. And Hawkmon would become Him tortures again. Over and over again. Up to his end of life which will enter certainly by the torture of Hawkmon earlier.

He pulled himself together and looked for Cody. When he had found Cody, he was equally danced with, because Cody has got nothing of the event. Armadilomon tried behind Cody here run, but he was totally weak. He crept behind Cody to Cody stopped. Cody saw which had Armadilomon no strength. He tried Cody zurückzuklatschen. Cody squated down there and asked: „ What gets rid? You are so weak. Nevertheless, you are road-run just half an hour. “ Armadilomon could hardly keep alive itself. „ I... “ He broke down according to this word. Cody got a fright and tried to wake him again, but Armadilomon was to be noted too tiredly around him even. Cody called together the others. T.K. and Yolei were with her Digimon first with Armadilomon and Cody. Tai and Kari came a little later.

Hawkmon looked at Armadilomon and meant: „ He is certainly only tired. If we carry him in the house and play something else. “ All agreed and brought Armadilomon in the house. There they laid him on a bed on the second floor.

Rainy Day
(Part V)

Now the children played duels in chess. Everybody against his Digimonpartner. That is the Yolei against Hawkmon, Davis against Veemon, Tai against Agumon, T.K. against Patamon, Matt against Gabumon and Kari against Gatomon. Cody could not play against Armadilomon, because this cannot be still woken. Thus he only watched. The plays ran mainly like one could expect it. Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Veemon lost pitilessly against her partners although the partners tried to explain to them the play. However, Hawkmon and Gatomon was bored even almost with play.

Yolei and Kari made her best, but it did not suffice around her partners to defeat. They were put both of her Digimon in the pocket. Kari shouted as them for the fourth time in result of Gatomon carelessly was defeated: „ I WAR STILL THE CRISIS! You are too good! “ Yolei complemented likewise acidically: „ Do you believe possibly which goes it for me better? Hawkmon already seems to be able to foresee each of my moves, although I was already in the quarterfinal of the chess mastery! “ Now Hawkmon asked: „ What do you get excited thus? You all have no chance resounds against me! “ „ Oh? Then let it to us fight out, nevertheless. “ Gatomon seemed to be offended. She pushed away rudely Yolei and sat down to her place. „ You want to defeat me? What do you dream At night of? “ Gatomon put up the figures and stared at Hawkmon dogged. „ Is your mouth work as big as your brain? Then show it to me and plays! “

The children and other Digimon stared to the both fascinatedly to. They had never seen such an exciting match. Gatomon and Hawkmon were so deepened which they no more breathed ostensibly and moved except an arm to the figure move. The silence between the trains seemed to continue forever. Since no Stirring came from the both. A breath was not even to be heard in the absolute silence except that from the spectators. After an ostensible eternity a word was spoken: "chess". Hawkmon saw on his figures and considered very long. Gatomon seemed to be gaily about this reaction of Hawkmon. But her grin disappeared as a Hawkmon a train did which saved him. „ I imagined whom you would make this and to fully in my trap groped. We are a stalemate. “

Gatomon saw unbelievingly on the chess board. „ Incredibly! He has made real to put me to stalemate. “ Hawkmon leaned back composedly and completely meant ablässig: „ Nevertheless, I have said whom me nobody can defeat. And you only surely not! “ Hawkmon grinned. If he had known, however what he released with it, he would have let it sure. Gatomon clenched her fists and said: „ Nobody has blasphemed thus me after a fair fight. I am ordinarily a good loser, however, THIS do not let I me like! “ Gatomon seethed with rage. She jumped on Hawkmon and wanted to disassemble Hawkmon in thousand scraps. But Kari held on Gatomon still in time. Gatomon writhed Kari to and shouted: „ You dung piece! Let me do this braggart! He must be punished for the fact which he has slandered me! “ Now only Gatomon became conscious what she had said just to Kari. Their fists relaxed and she looked at Kari with her eyes. „ Please, Kari. Is not bad with me. I was just short neber of the track. “ Kari pulled Gatomon at itself and pressed them.

Hawkmon laughed. „ You probably are too stupidly to accept, which I better than you! “ Hawkmon got two boxes on the ears of Yolei. He had fallen down by these violent blows. He stood up again and looked at Yolei nastily. „ Why do you hit me? Nevertheless, she has lost miserably! “ Yolei banged him once more in the face. Finally, Yolei gave as an answer: „ Thus I do not know you Hawkmon. Otherwise, nevertheless, you are not thus rüpelhaft. She has not foreseen halt your train, so what? Nevertheless, therefore, she is not still stupid long or silly. “ However, Hawkmons eyes flickered shortly red he reflected again. „ Excuse Gatomon. It does not happen often which I have created so briefly only to the stalemate. Please, forgive me. I was simply packed by seriousness of the play. “ Gatomon grinned. „ If I can understand. It had been also very narrowly with the stalemate. “ Veemon yawned. „ Are you already tired? “ Veemon looked at Davis tiredly and pointed at the window. „ What do you mean with already? Nevertheless, it already is in the middle of night! “ All saw from the window and saw which was already dark it. Cody saw for the clock. „ It is shortly before 23 o'clock. We have started to play at 16 o'clock. And the play of Gatomon and Hawkmon lasted certainly several hours. “
„ Should we not go home T.K .? Your father is worried certainly. “ T.K. got up and meant: „ Worries indeed not, but, nevertheless. Weakly, do you also come? “ Weakly noded and followed his small brother. Tai also said goodbye. Their Digimon left with the children. Kari, Davis, Yolei and Cody have remained. Veemon meant: „ Should we not even go to bed? Now it would be a good time to sleep. “ He yawned extensively. The children split themselves. Everybody slept in another room. Yolei disappeared with Hawkmon in a room. Davis remained in the room and Cody disappeared to Armadilomon. It was the only one which had no bed. He slept for it in a sleeping-bag on the ground neber Armadilomon which also lay on a sleeping-bag and slept.

Davis and Veemon divided a bed. It did nothing from together to both in a bed to lie. And they paid attention to lie not too closely each other. Yolei sat down the bed and asked: „ Hawkmon? Might you sleep in the bed or do I should go? “ Hawkmon twitched with the shoulders. Yolei felt that as "No" and lay down in the bed. Hawkmon leaned against one of the bedposts and tried to sleep in the seat. He also fell asleep. All well slept, up to Armadilomon. He lived through the torture once more and felt them ostensibly also again. Since he grinned in the sleep and thrashed so around, as if he wanted to free himself.

He felt the feather again on his belly skip. It tickled tremendously. The feather walked to his leg to his feet. There Hawkmon took still another feather and worked on also his other foot. He trembles with laughter and writhed so violently he only could. Suddenly Hawkmon stopped. He went to Armadilomons head and whispered: „ Say it. “ Armadilomon answered: „ I will never say this. “ Hawkmon left out this time the cloth. He started to tickle Armadilomons feet once more. He glided between his toes to and fro. Armadilomon laughed so loud he only could. Hawkmon walked in both backs of the legs upwards. He left no centimeter untouched. He tormented Armadilomon a short time in the sides under Armadilomons tank. He worked the way up to the neck high and there he remained the rest of the time. Armadilomon was demanded too much by such strong charms which he became unconscious. Hawkmon withdrew and looked at Armadilomon. Armadilomon resolved in a cloud of data.

Exactly at this moment Armadilomon with a loud fright shout woke. He looked and touched himself. He was still full and quite existed. He saw to Cody which slept on untouched calmly. Armadilomon got up and moved a little by the house. He searched the kitchen for some eatable. He was just in the fridge when he heard suddenly a noise. He looked round immediately full with fear. He closed the fridge door and looked in the dark kitchen. Something had fallen down just on the right. Armadilomon swallowed and moved carefully on the impact point to. He saw carefully along the table and saw which was it a frying pan. He exhaled composedly and turned round. He saw a being before himself stand with two red eyes. He shouted. The being also. Armadilomon ran in the corner of the room and coiled up. „ Who are you? “ The being answered: „ I am it only ... “ The being kicked in the moonlight of the window and Armadilomon recognized Veemon.

Armadilomon relaxed again. „ What do you do then so late still here? “ Veemon grinned and meant: „ I could ask this also you. When I have only woken because I did not feel fine. Yesterday, nevertheless, the cake had probably been a little bit too much, especially after I have eaten with Davis Fisch. “ He rubbed himself the belly. „ This does not surprise me whom you have gone off of it. Fish and cake are not compatible. This was to be foreseen. “ Veemon wanted to ask what wants Armadilomon here, but Armadilomon was quicker: „ I had a nightmare. “ Veemon pointed in the direction of stair. „ We should go better again to bed. At this time one should not be awake. “ Both agreed and went again upwards. On top her ways separated again. „ Good night. I hope whom I can still sleep till morning without must go again out. “ „ Wishes I to me also, Veemon. Good night. “

Armadilomon turned to the next room on the left and faltered. He had landed in the room of Yolei and Hawkmon. He wanted to go just when a thought came to him. He slipped in to himself to the room and stopped before Hawkmon. He raised the hand with his claw and thought: „ For it I will punish you which you have me gefolter! “ He striked. But he stopped shortly before Hawkmons face. However, he raised the hand again he broke off again. He could not hit Hawkmon. If he hit now on him, he would be not better than a Hawkmon. He went again quietly to the door. „ I become it to you still heimzahlen. All the same to which points. “
Next morning Davis woke and saw Veemon hanging on himself. He pushed away Veemon and shouted: „ I have not said which you should stay away from me? “ Veemon hit on the ground and was awake immediately. „ Excuse. I have not noted it even. “ Davis went with Veemon to the kitchen. Armadilomon woke when Davis and Veemon passed her room. He woke Cody. Cody opened slowly his eyes and looked at Armadilomon happy. „ Tomorrow Armadilomon. How have you slept? “ Armadilomon sat down and answered: „ Goes in such a way. And you? “ Cody stretched itself. Besides, cracked his arms. Armadilomon started together. „ Au! This do not blow? Have you broken something? Does it go well to you? “ Cody grinned. „ This sometimes happens to me if I on hard ground has slept. Is normal. “ Armadilomon doubted the words of Cody and felt the arms carefully. Cody moved his arms and said: „ Is unconcerned. To me it goes well. “ Now only Armadilomon accepted which was healthy Cody seemingly what he doubted, however, strongly. The cracks had been very much according to.

Now they likewise went to the kitchen. There they met Davis and Veemon. They covered the table and ate. Yolei and Hawkmon were not yet below in the kitchen. Yolei was as the first awake. She stretched herself and saw Hawkmon uncomfortably in the bedpost sleeping leaned. She lifted Hawkmon carefully and laid him in the bed. Besides, she packed Hawkmon so unhappy which he started to grin. Yolei likewise grinned and went for the foot part of the bed. She wrapped the blanket around Hawkmons legs and glided gently with her fingers over the sole. Hawkmon quietly laughed. Yolei read him then in rest and went to the bath. There she changed and came back with her sponge bag. She sat down to Hawkmon and wrapped the cover now around Hawkmons whole body. Now he lay completely muffledly on the bed. Only the feet looked out of the cover. Yolei went to Hawkmons to feet and glided again with her finger hilltops over the sole. Hawkmon grinned and laughed quietly again. After some time she pressed the toes apart and brushed with her toothbrush the space of the toes and the toes herself. Hawkmons laughters became louder. When Yolei had all space of the right foot by, it continued with the brush on the left foot and glided with a comb over the sole of the right one. Hawkmon laughed according to. Now he was awake, but had sunk even though still half into the dream. Indeed physically awake, but spiritually elsewhere.

Yolei had her fun in her activity. Hawkmon would have defended itself long time ago, but because he was not spiritually on full strength, he did not notice which he lay to himself only in a cover muffledly on the bed. Yolei put aside the comb and took her hairbrush and brushed over the whole foot. About the upper side, toes and sole with heel. Hawkmon laughed out loud according to. After a few minutes she put aside everything and massaged the sole only. Finally, Hawkmon also woke spiritually and looked at Yolei astonished. „ What do you do there? What does this should? “ Yolei grinned. „ I wanted to wake you sometimes differently. “ Hawkmon drew up his feet to itself and rose. Now both went to other breakfasts.

ORainy Day
(Part VI)

Story written by Scoutter2000
Translated into English by Seraphon

The Chosen ate their breakfast. Armadimon glared at Hawkmon through the corners of his eyes.
“The finger of war points to you.“

They ate, and Hawkmon washed up. Armadimon longed to wipe him out. He went back upstairs to his room, there Iori was waiting, having got changed. Armadimon walked behind him, settling down on his sleeping bag. There he lay, thinking about how to fight Hawkmon. Iori noticed he was acting very serious, and asked:
“Is something wrong, Armadimon?“ He did not answer. Iori asked again “Armadimon? Did you hear me at all?“ Now Armadimon reacted, looking to Iori, still with the serious expression.

“What??“ His voice sounded like he was being provoked. Iori felt a little nervous.

“Why are you angry at me? I have done nothing to you.“

Armadimon realised how he had reacted. He relaxed, and explained.

“You did nothing wrong. I am just still disturbed by my nightmare.“

Iori looked to Armadimon and replied.

“Nightmare? You had a nightmare last night?“ Armadimon nodded. Iori sat down next to him. “Can you tell me what it is that you dreamed? I am interested in hearing it.“

Armadimon felt nervous, and looked down.

“I can’t do that.“

Iori raised his eyebrows

“Why not? Was it that bad?“

Armadimon felt even more nervous. He didn’t want to tell Iori about it. He suspected it might make Hawkmon carry out his threat. He wanted to run away, but Iori held him.

“Stay here. Let’s talk about this nightmare. Then I’m sure you will feel better.“

Armadimon no longer tried to run away. But he tried to evade Iori’s request. He wanted to talk, but not to face the consequences.

“Please Armadimon. You know you can come to me with any problem and at any time, and I’ll always try to give you good advice if I’m able. So come on, tell me what you dreamed.“

Armadimon’s tongue seemed to work on its own.

“I dreamed about Hawkmon. He bound me to a tree and tickled me on my feet. He tortured me for fun. I could not free myself. He tickled me between my toes. I had to laugh. It was terrible."

Armadimon described it with as much detail as possible. He ended with the part about himself disintegrating. Iori sat beside him, completely shocked.

“You must be terrified of Hawkmon then, to have such dreams about him. I think the best thing to do is to talk with Hawkmon, and describe your dream to him.“

Armadimon grabbed Iori’s arm and yelped.

“No! Not Hawkmon!“

Iori was startled.
“Why shouldn’t we go to talk with Hawkmon and ask him to help us? I thought he might be able to interpret your dream.“

Armadimon loosened his hold on Iori. He went red.

"This is very embarassing to me. I don’t want Hawkmon to laugh at me over this, it will make him think I am afraid of him."

Iori stood and said:

“If you are afraid of doing it, then I will tell him. I want to hear his opinion.“

Armadimon tried to advise Iori against it, but he told him not to worry. He went out of the door and Armadimon became very afraid He hid himself in the sleeping bag and murmured:

"He will kill me. Guaranteed. It will become real."

There was a knock at Hawkmon and Miyako’s door. Hawkmon put a chesspiece down, and opened the door. There Iori stood.

“Hello Iori. Something you want?“

Iori looked to Hawkmon
“Can I talk with you in private?“

Hawkmon invited Iori inside. Miyako looked to Iori.
“What’s so important?“

Iori simply answered
“There is something I want to ask Hawkmon, and it is between him and myself.“

Hawkmon looked to Miyako.
“Could we pause our game for a bit, Miyako? Since Iori wants to talk to me alone, I think he should be allowed to do so.“

Miyako felt a bit insulted since she was being excluded from the conversation. However, she did go to stand outside of the room. When Miyako had closed the door, there was a short moment of quiet, then Hawkmon called out:
"Miyako, I know that you are trying to listen in on us, so could you please step away from the door? Thanks."
Miyako really was listening. They heard someone walking away. At length, Hawkmon asked:
"So, Iori: What did you have to ask me, that you can only ask when I’m alone?"

Iori answered fast and precisely:
"It concerns Armadimon. He said that he had a nightmare, where you him bound to a tree and were tickling him. I would like to know, what you think about that."

Hawkmon had expected something more serious.

"Armadimon had a dream, in which I was torturing him?"
Iori nodded. Hawkmon considered.
"Perhaps it believes I have not forgiven him, from when we had that misunderstanding in a game of ‘Spin the Bottle‘. He mislead me over the meaning of ‘love‘ when he asked if I loved Miyako.“

Iori remembered that day.
"You forgave im though, or he apologised, right?"

Hawkmon nodded.
"Naturally, I forgave him. Tell him not to worry about it."

Iori rose and went to the door.
"Thanks for the discussion."

"No problem. It was my pleasure"

Iori closed the door behind himself. As the door shut, Hawkmon thought to himself
"I believe, that Armadimon and I need to have a little talk."

Armadimon was frightened when he heard someone approach the door. He had hidden himself deeply in his sleeping bag. Iori saw the bump in the sleeping bag, anf touched it lightly.
"I am here."

Armadimon slowly emerged completely from the sleeping bag.
"It’s you. I thought it would be…"

"You thought what?"

Armadimon shrugged.
"Nothing, nothing."

Iori sat down.
"I have spoken with Hawkmon..."
Armadimon was once again frightened by the name ‘Hawkmon‘,.but Iori continued with his speech:
"... and he said, you are not to be worried."

Armadimon didn‘t feel better by any means. Now Hawkmon knew he had been talking. A slightly changed version, in thje form fo a nightmare, but nevertheless it was mostly what had happened. Iori rose and asked:

"Shall we go out for a run? I want to get some fresh air."

Armadimon had no desire to be running, but if he remained here, he would be alone. Armadimon didn’t want that, especially not now. Both went out. They ran around outside the house. The grass was still just as high as always. Armadimon tried to follow Iori, but despite all his efforts, lost him.

"Iori? Where are you? I’m too slow to keep up with your speed."
No answer came. Armadimon stopped. He heard someone run up behind himself. The grass rustled. Armadimon turned around. There stood there the person, the one who he had expected it to be

"I heard, you dreamed about me? It was said to be a lot of fun for me."
Hawkmon advanced on Armadimon, but he heard someone and disappeared almost immediately. It was Iori.
"Why’re you waiting heret?"

Iori continued again, slowly this time. Armadimon followed him as fast as he could. Hawkmon leaned around a tree and whispered to himself:
"Iori won‘t always there. Sometimes he will not be there. Then are you alone. Then I will be waiting for you around the next corner."

Armadimon strove not to lose sight of Iori. If he should lose sight of him, he would be doomed. He would become Hawkmons ‘toy‘. Armadimon was scared of this, and hoped it would not be his fate. Fortunately he did not lose Iori once more. They returned to the house. Since Armadimon‘s arms and legs were dirty now, Iori lead him to the bathroom upstairs, wanting to bathe him. But Armadimon wanted to to wash himself.

"You can’t do that. You cannot wash yourself, even if you tried. I need a bath also. I’m filthy."

Armadimon had no choice. Iori had locked the door and undressed already. Armadimon accepted the fact that he was going to have to bathe with Iori

“Ok, Iori, if you insist.“

Iori got into full bath tub. Armadimon followed, making sure he wasn’t looking at Iori. When Armadilon was in the water, he was held by Iori and scrubbed all over. Iori used a brush on Armadimon’s stomach. He had to laugh out loud. The bristles tickled. Armadimon squirmed so violently, the water sloshed over the edge of the bath

"Stop that and be quiet!"
Armadimon resisted violently. Iori held him tightly, and was still easily able to get at him with the brush. When Iori started in his neck, tears came to Armadimon’s eyes. Because of the water and the foam, Iori did not see it, but Armadimon felt as if Hawkmon once again had him imprisoned. He imagined that there was a toothbrush scrubbing his neck.

Iori was scrubbing energetically. He brushed Armadimon one last time over the belly. Armadimon cried out: "HAWKMON! PLEASE NO! I WON’T DO IT AGAIN!"
Iori loosened his hold on Armadimon, who jumped out of the bath tub and remained on the floor. He continued to cry. Iori washed himself and got out of the tub. He dried Armadimon, because he did not reply when Iori asked him whether he’d like to dry himself. Iori carried Armadimon back to the room. Daisuke and V-mon came to meet them on the stairs.

"Hey, Iori. Where were you this morning?"

Iori answered simply:
He passed. V-mon noticed Armadimon in Iori’s arms.
"Daisuke? Did you see Armadimon?"
Daisuke looked to where V-mon was pointing. "No? Why?"

"He did not look very happyy."

Daisuke shrugged his shoulders.
"That’s his choice. Let‘s go."
V-mon followed Daisuke. Iori had put Armadimon back on the sleeping bag. He had said nothing up to now. "Armadimon? This dream is still getting you down?. Why can't you forget it? Was it so bad?

Armadimon did not say anything. He stared at the floorl. Iori sat down next to Armadimon and put his hand on his shell.
"Forget the dream. It’ll make you sleep badly. Hawkmon says he forgives you. It was just a stupid nightmare."

Armadimon stared at the floor still.
"I wish that it was only a dream. I really wish it."
Iori saw Armadimon shudder.
"You wishes that it was just a dream? Why? It was just a dream, wasn’t it?."
Now Armadimon looked to Iori. Iori could infer from the look, that it had not been a dream. "It wasn’t a dream? But when and where did it happen? You would have called upon me for assistance, if it had happened."
Armadimon answered:
"I did. But noone came. When - on the day when we all played a chasing game. Where - it was at a tree nearby, which is surrounded by long grass. Here, he tied and tickled me."

Armadimon told the whole story of how Hawkmon imprisoned and tortured him. He spared no detail. Iori asked a few questions to find out how it was. When Armadimon had ended, Iori was shocked and quite angry at the same time. He seemed like a time bomb, which had just counted down to zero. He now spoke, slowly and sounding stressed
"I believe Miyako and I need to have a little meeting. She will not be happy to hear about this, I am sure about it."

Iori rose and went to the door. Despite his relatively composed appearance, he slammed the door shut violently. Armadimon shot now only by the head: "now I am only quite dead. It does not kill me now any longer only secretly. It becomes even safe me with intention before the eyes of the other erwuergen."

Iori knocked on Miyako‘s door. Miyako called:
"In here."
The door opened and there Iori stood. His fists were clenched he had an angry look on his face. Miyako motioned for him to come in. She closed the door and Iori sat down on the floor. As Miyako sat down opposite Iori, she asked:
"You do not look very good. What is wrong?"
Iori tried his best not to shout at Miyako.
"I must tell you something, that shows you a side of Hawkmon which you, fortunately, haven’t seen before." Miyako seemed to be completely nervous.
"Well tell me already. What is with Hawkmon?"
Iori took in a deep breath. Then he spoke slowly and clearly:
"Hawkmon kidnapped Armadimon and tied him to a tree as we were playing catch. Then he tortured Armadimon with his feathers. All because Hawkmon did not forgive Armadimon, who had asked him an ambiguous question, which made Hawkmon sound as if he were in love with you. Do you remember that?"

Miyako nodded.
"That is correct. The question was really ambiguous. But I wouldn’t have thought Hawkmon would take it so seriously. It was just part of the game."
Iori answered:
"This is what Armadimon has told me. Hawkmon said to him, that he had humiliated him. He said Armadimon must pay for it, because he’d hurt his pride, or something like that. So that’s why he did it to Armadimon. He said to me, that Hawkmon pursues him even in his dreams. That was also the reason, why I spoke with Hawkmon alone I asked him for advice, how I have to interpret Armadimon’s dream I could explode with rage!"
Iori stood again. Miyako rose likewise.
"Calm down. I will speak to Hawkmon myself, and make sure in no uncertain terms, that he is not to torture people."

Iori thanked Miyako. He went to the door and went to open it, when it was opened from the other side. It was Hawkmon.
"Hello Iori." Iori glared at him darkly. "What’s up?"
Iori passed by Hawkmon without a word. Hawkmon entered the room and closed the door behind himself. Iori returned to his room. Armadimon looked over to Iori, depressed. Iori spoke, sounding happy
"Miyako will deal with Hawkmon."
Iori had barely finished speaking, when they both heard a high-piched girl’s voice cry out from the next room. It was unmistakably Miyako’s voice. They heard things fly and smash against the walls and on the floor. A relatively quiet male voice said something, and immediately after something broke open against a wall. Armadimon felt bad. Even if Hawkmon had treated him like dirt, he did not want Hawkmon to be treated the same or worse. But if one were try to interpret the noises, it sounded like Hawkmon was going to get killed..

Hawkmon called:
"Miyako, please be reasonable!"

"Me be reasonable? I AM REASONABLE!"
A lamp flew a hair’s breadth away from Hawkmon‘s head, then on to the wall. Hawkmon saw Miyako fear-fulfilled on.
"What has got into you, Miyako? I don’t recognise you at all!"
A pair of scissors would have hit Hawkmon, if he had not quickly covered himself.
"I do not recognize you also!. WHAT GOT INTO YOU?"
A pile of pins flew at Hawkmon, and he jumped to the side.
"What am I supposed to have done?"
Hawkmon’s anger grew as Miyako continued to throw things at him, and he had no idea why. Miyako threw a lamp at Hawkmon, and he barely dodged. Now Miyako finally said the reason for her rage:
"WHAT GOT INTO YOU, THAT MADE YOU IMPRISON AND TORTURE ARMADIMON?" Hawkmon understood it now. Miyako threw a cushion at Hawkmon. He did not evade. Suddenly it seemed to Miyako as if everything were in slow motion. The cushion stopped in mid-air. She heard several cutting noises. The cushion disintegrated into four even parts and fell on the floor before Hawkmon. Miyako stared at Hawkmon.He began to laugh. He had lowered had its head before, but it straightened up now. His look frightened Miyako.

Iori and Armadimon were sat on their sleeping bags, when deafening cries could be heard. Iori and Armadimon had no idea of the cause. They ran to the neighbouring room and pushed the door open. What they saw, was not a surprising sight considering all the noises – the room was like a battleground. But there was something unexpected there. Miyako lay on the floor. She was holding her shoulder with her left arm. Hawkmon stood there, looking at Miyako. He turned his view now to Iori and Armadimon Armadimon pointed to Hawkmon and gasped:
"Iori! His eyes! They looked exactly the same, as when he was torturing me!"
Hawkmon answered simply:
"Torture? You mean you call what you experienced, torture? I was being nice to you. You were left with no physical damage. If you want to see torture, then you should see what I will do to Miyako. THAT will be torture!"

Iori and Armadimon saw Miyako closely now. And now they understood. Miyako‘s arms and legs were covered with cuts. They were not deep, they were like paper cuts. Hawkmon drew back a wing and said:
"Remember how Miyako looks. She will soon no longer be so beautiful."
He swiped with his wing and several blade-like feathers flew forward at Miyako. Armadimon jumped in front of Miyako and intercepted the feathers with his shell. They fell to the ground. Hawkmon wanted to attack with the other wing, then suddenly the red gleam in his eyes disappeared. He lowered the wing again and looked around. He did not know where he was, but then he saw Armadimon sat there, and behind him was Miyako, Iori beside her.
"MIYAKO!" Hawkmon ran to Miyako and Armadimon too. Iori, filled with anger, seized his chance and hit Hawkmon on the head. He fell down unconscious. Miyako called somewhat weakly:
Iori looked down on Hawkmon, and said:
"I had to do it. I did not want him to cause any more damage"


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Interesting story! You are the best writer I have ever seen!


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Thank you.


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