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Just to Find You (RP)

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Just to Find You (RP) Empty Just to Find You (RP)

Post  coleboy44thethird Thu 27 Oct 2011 - 1:30

Desc: A letter has been sent to a single Agumon named Ryuu, the letter has a map, claiming to lead to vast amounts of treasure. Somehow Ryuu ends up taking two other digimon who he's known for years along for the ride. However the treasure isn't what intrests him, what peeks his intrest is who the letter came from, his dead mate. But the map leads them into toturious people, however the torture they recieve isn't what they expected
Character: Ryuu
Digimon: Agumon (Blue)

The Agumon named Ryuu walked through the woods, his blue feet gently brushing up the dirt after each step he took. His mind was so focased on what was ahead of him that he barely noticed the two idiot digimon behind him, making lots of noise and jumping around like this was an "Adventure for Treasure"
He unfolded the not for the one thousandth time and read it.

I know that it has been quite some time, but I want you to know I'm still waiting... I'll be waiting, Miku

[left]How could this letter come from Miku? She was dea-
Suddenly a body crashed into his back sending him off his feet "Dammit, stop fooling around!" He growled, getting up and forcing the digimon off of his body and looking straight down at him.

So, we need a Digimon who will play the one who crashed into me, and if possible, a third one, and try not to reach the castle TOO SOON, we still need a flashback for how we got here Razz[center]

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