Digimon tickling allowed
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School for Ticklish Digimon

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School for Ticklish Digimon Empty School for Ticklish Digimon

Post  footmaster Sun 22 Oct 2017 - 21:01

(for anyone who's seen the topic between me and CrissCross, called Guilmon Wants to Play. this will be very similar)

You have with you 2 choices:

Be the choosen student: You just graduated Serving school but you feel you were missing something form it. So you decide to enroll into tickling school where you will be subjected to the ticklings of class and your fellow students. and you can take on the tickle masters. eventually serving other's feet along the way too. Very Happy


Bw a regular student: That new digimon seems so full of himself. Why not knock him down a few pegs. Maybe ooooh I don't know, tickle him to the brink of insanity and try to prove he's nothing a tender footed lil wuss, he may serve you but the only thing u want him to do is laugh and beg while he's at your mercy. Laughing Twisted Evil

whichever role you pick I'll play opposite of


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